Pastor Francis

Rossie L. Francis was called to the ministry in November of 1979. 

He was ordained in February 1984.  His formal theology training was obtained at Carver Bible Church in Atlanta, Georgia in 1972.  He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Training, and Development from Southern Illinois University in 1992.

As founder and former Pastor of Faith Obedience Baptist Church in Biloxi, Mississippi from 1984 to 1986, Pastor Francis helped lead many souls to Christ. Although his role as Pastor and Minister has not always been easy, he has been diligent,  patient, and steadfast in teaching God's word. His fruits bear witness to the type of person that God has chosen to guide his people.

During his military service in the United States Air Force, Pastor Francis ministered at Calvary Baptist Church in Perris, California. He retired from the United States Air Force on January 1, 1993, after 20 years of service.  Pastor Francis accepted his calling from God as Pastor of Grace Temple Baptist Church on March 18, 1993.  He continues to inspire and encourage the young and the old, taking the hope and promises of Christ to whosoever will hear. 

The Lord has graced Pastor Francis with a strong family.  Pastor Francis and his wife, Viola Francis have been married for over twenty years. Viola has been active in all aspects of the ministries. She is steadfast in her love for God's word, encouraging, and dedicated.

The Francis family is greatly loved and appreciated.  Praying God continued to strengthen and guide them as they inspire and direct others to learn and love Jesus Christ. 

Ministry Leaders

  • James Burnett

    Men's Ministry

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  • Shirley Daniels

    Usher Ministry

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  • Viola Francis


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  • Daniel Francis & Sophia Francis

    Minister of Music

    Unity Dance Ministry

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  • Cora "Cookie" Johnson

    Women's Ministry

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  • Shirley Dedeaux

    Children's Ministry

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  • Tommie Dockery

    Drama Ministry

    Hospitality Ministry

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  • Tagameon Cole

    Assistant Choir Director

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